Southern California Women’s Packing Guide

This guide covers all you need to plan a trip to Southern California for women What is the beauty of Southern California? It’s summer all year. It’s not surprising that people all over the globe …

This guide covers all you need to plan a trip to Southern California for women What is the beauty of Southern California? It’s summer all year. It’s not surprising that people all over the globe choose Santa Barbara, Orange County, San Diego and LA for their ultimate sun-kissed getaway. While you may have your swimsuit and sunglasses in hand, there are a few things you should bring.

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  • Casual-Chic Clothing

You can wear breezy boho styles in Southern California’s larger cities. So you don’t have to feel awkward wearing cute cutoffs and a basic T-shirt dress. Comfortable, lightweight clothing is the key.

It is easy to pack dresses, as it makes planning outfits easier and takes up less space in your luggage. However, versatile skirts and shorts can be worn with casual tops for any Southern California venue.

  • Pants and sweater

A rain jacket is not necessary, as 9/10 Southern California days are dry. However, it can get cold at night and close to the beach. If you are excited for the sun, don’t forget to pack a warm sweater, such as a hoodie, thick cardigan or long jeans. You can also bring LuLulemon leggings if you feel like blending in.

  • Rainbows

Rainbows are the preferred footwear of many Southern Californians. They’re durable and will last a lifetime. It is important to let them in for a few days before you travel. They are made of real leather. It’s worth it, as you will feel and look like a local.

  • Beachwear

You will need a sunhat, or at least a baseball cap, sun glasses, and a covering up for a trip to the beaches. But, I recommend that you bring multiple swimsuits.

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The great weather allows for multiple trips to the pool, hot tub, and ocean. Often, more than one visit per day. My swimsuits don’t dry completely until the next water-oriented activity. I recommend that you pack at least two swimsuits, though it is possible to bring more. These suits take up so little space in your luggage, that you don’t have to sacrifice them!

  • Clothes for “Going Out”

Although you might want to wear something nicer for a night out, Southern California does not have to be Vegas. You can leave the glamour at home (if necessary). A cute blouse, dark pants or capris, and some sandals or booties are appropriate for evening plans. Accessories are not necessary, but it is a good idea to keep your outfit simple and elegant.

  • Camera

No one has to be convinced that SoCal’s landscapes deserve high-quality photography. This is backed up by the large number of professional photographers who work in the area. Why look at Instagram photos when you can capture them yourself? Grab your DSLR and best lenses. You’ll want to capture the best moments and favorite spots.

A messenger bag or backpack that doubles as a camera case can be a great option if you are concerned about your equipment taking up too many space in your luggage. You can now fill your carry-on bag with clothing and souvenirs thanks to this handy personal item.

*Do you need help selecting the right camera? Our most current guide to the top travel cameras is available!

  • Athletic Shoes

Los Angeles fitness enthusiasts love to hike, not only for their health benefits but also because it is an enjoyable pastime. There are endless opportunities to be surrounded by breathtaking scenery in Southern California, from the hills of Orange County to the mountains above Los Angeles and San Diego.

It takes a little effort to reach some of the most beautiful beaches (e.g. The nude Blacks Beach You’ll regret not bringing a pair of running shoes and a decent sports bra.

  • CC Cream with SPF

Full-face makeup is not practical or versatile. This is due to the heat and potential outdoor trips. However, a good cccream with SPF can make a big difference. It will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and can be used as a lightweight, moisturizing foundation. Your skin will thank me after just one day in the sun!

Additional packing tips for California

  • Get Waze

There’s no better time than the present to jump on the Waze train. Except for Amtrak regional service, public transportation is virtually nonexistent in Southern California. It is definitely not something you want as a means of getting around.

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You probably know that you will need a car rental if you are in the planning stages for your trip. Waze can help you navigate through the traffic jams and avoid accidents.

  • Secure your valuables

Pickpockets have never been a problem for me (knock on wooden), but tourist areas such as Venice Beach and Hollywood Boulevard are full of friendly locals with sticky fingers. When you travel to these areas, make sure you keep your valuables safe.

You can place your keys and phone in a small bag on the beach. You can keep all your non-essentials hidden under your seat or in the truck. Car break-ins are becoming more frequent, but it’s not something you have to worry about if nothing is visible.

  • Hair Management

Although this may not be applicable to people with naturally beautiful hair, my tangle-prone and frizzy hair is almost impossible to manage in the ocean winds and seawaters.

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You can brush your salt-water hair with a good leave-in conditioner. It will also prevent dryness after a swim in the ocean. However, I prefer to do my hair in French braids for convenience and time. They not only stay in place after the swim, but also look great for the rest of your day and evening.