13 Best Instagram Spots In Joshua Tree

These are the 13 most Instagrammable Joshua Tree locations, from the striking rock formations and the Joshua Trees’ namesake, to the bizarre art installations and wild west vibes around the area. Heart Rock Heart Rock, …

These are the 13 most Instagrammable Joshua Tree locations, from the striking rock formations and the Joshua Trees’ namesake, to the bizarre art installations and wild west vibes around the area.

Heart Rock

Heart Rock, a little hidden gem off the main park trails, is one of Joshua Tree’s best Instagram spots. This rock with a perfect heart shape is our favorite spot in the park. It makes for great photos.

The best time to photograph Heart Rock

Heart Rock looks best if photographed from the east because the heart shape is stronger. This side is also free of rocks surrounding it, making for great shots. People shots are best after sunrise, although the sun takes a bit longer to rise above the mountains and hit rock.

Sunset is the best time to capture Heart Rock at sunset, when it is still dark and the rock is illuminated by the soft late evening light.

How to Get to Heart Rock

We had to go back and forth twice before we found Heart Rock. It is located not far from Arch Rock, but there is no clear trail. We also met other hikers who were searching for the rock. If you are planning to hike to Heart Rock during your Joshua Tree trip, we have a detailed guide for you.

Arch Rock

The arch of granite measures 30 feet and is located in the middle a large boulder field. It is a flat hike that is enjoyable, with some climbing over rocks towards the Arch. We love the hike to Arch and Heart Rocks in Joshua Tree National Park.

How to get to Arch Rock

Rock can be accessed via a flat out-and-back hike of 1.2 miles from the Twin Tanks/Arch Rock parking area. The trail ends with some rock scrambling.

Skull Rock

The Skull Rock, with its skull-shaped rock and sunken eyes, is located just off the Joshua Tree Road.

Skull Rock at its best

Skull Rock is difficult to photograph well. It is crowded most of the day, and the sun rises in shadows. After a sunrise hike, we were able to get some photos. The rock was completely ours for around 10 minutes.

How to get to Skull Rock

Skull Rock can be found along Park Boulevard, which is one of the main roads that runs through Joshua Tree.

4 | World Famous Crochet Museum

Joshua Tree’s other gem is the World Famous Crochet museum. The booth was once a photo booth, but it has now been transformed into a collection of crocheted unicorns and dogs, teapots, and superheroes. It’s so much fun to visit and you can’t help but feel happy being surrounded with cute and colourful crocheted delights. Instagram is a huge fan of both the interior and exterior crochet collections. We love the World Famous Crochet Museum near Joshua Tree.

The best time to photograph the World Famous Crochet Museum

Anytime. Although the museum is open all day, we recommend that you visit during daylight hours to take Instagram photos.

How to get to The World Famous Crochet museum

The World Famous Crochet Museum can be found in the lot behind Joshua Tree Salon in Joshua Tree.

The Joshua Trees

The park’s name is the twisted, spiky Joshua Trees. These towering trees are a great photo opportunity.

How to get to Joshua Trees

They’re everywhere! You will find hundreds of Joshua Trees along the roads of the west park. There are also many pull-ins where you can park safely. Every Joshua Tree is different so you only have to find one that you like to photograph.

Keys View

From the highest point of Joshua Tree, you can see incredible views. Clear days can be seen the Coachella Valley and the San Andreas Fault. The Salton Sea, the San Gorgonio Mountain, and the Salton Sea are all visible. The views can even extend as far as Signal Mountain, Mexico, if the air quality permits. Keys View is great place to take landscape photos. You can capture some amazing Instagram shots from the viewing area if you are there during a quiet moment.

  • The best time to photograph Keys View
  • When the light is softening, Key Views can be breathtaking at sunrise or sunset.

How to Get to Keys View

Keys View can be reached in 20 minutes from Park Boulevard. Parking is available right next to the viewing area.

The open road

The Joshua Trees and cacti surround the park, so the wide roads that run through Joshua Tree perfectly capture the spirit of this place.


Pioneertown, once a Hollywood film set from the 1940s, is now one of the most popular places to take photos near Joshua tree. Take a walk down Main Street to find your favorite photo spots. Stop by Harriet and Pappy’s Pioneertown Palace next to you.

  • The best time to take pictures of Pioneertown
  • Pioneertown is generally quieter on weekdays.
  • How to get from Pioneertown to your destination
  • Pioneertown is located 20 minutes from Joshua Tree Town.

Barker Dam

Barker Dam, which is accessible by water from the dam during Spring and Winter, is a great spot for Instagram in Joshua Tree. It is amazing to find water in Joshua Tree’s desert landscape. The dam can hold a lot of water, which creates stunning reflections against the desert background.

The best time to photograph Barker Dam

Barker Dam looks especially beautiful at sunset. The dam usually has water both in winter and spring.

How to get to Barker Dam

Barker Dam can be accessed via a 1.1-mile loop located near the Hidden Valley campground.

10 | Noah Purifoy Desert Art Museum

The Noah Purifoy Desert Art Museum features works by Noah S Purifoy who was a visual artist and sculptor who lived in Joshua Tree. Over 100 unique pieces of art are displayed in the open-air museum, many of which were found in discarded objects such as television sets, toilets, and bicycles. It’s fun and eclectic, great for photos, and conveys important messages. You could not ask for more! !

  • Photographing the Noah Purifoy Museum of Desert Art at its best
  • All day. The museum is open daily from sun up to sun set.

How to get to Noah Purifoy’s Desert Art Museum

Joshua Tree is only 20 minutes away from the Noah Purifoy desert art museum. Although it is only 6 miles, there are some dirt roads that you will need to navigate to reach the museum. This makes it take a bit longer.

Beauty Bubble Salon and Museum

Joshua Tree is an amazing place to visit. The Beauty Bubble Salon and Museum are a wonderful vintage destination. There are many pastel colours and a wonderful selection of vintage beauty tools. You can also find a working salon, and all the retro beauty tools are fabulous!

How to get to Beauty Bubble Salon and Museum

The Beauty Bubble Salon & Museum is located in the lot behind Joshua Tree Salon in Joshua Tree. It is located in front of The World Famous Crochet Museum.

Joshua Tree Saloon

The Joshua Tree Saloon, a local Joshua Tree watering spot, is an old-fashioned western style saloon. The dark, rustic interior and the kitschy yard make it a great backdrop for Instagram photos. Joshua Tree Saloon is a great place to visit for cold beer and delicious food.

The best time to photograph Joshua Tree Saloon

It is best to get up early in the morning. The Joshua Tree Saloon is open at 11 a.m. It’s loud, busy, and lots of fun! There can be long waits, especially as the day progresses.

How to get to Joshua Tree Saloon

The Joshua Tree Salon can be found on Joshua Tree’s main street.

13 | Cholla Cactus Garden

My love for cactus was ignited by our Joshua Tree trip! The Cholla Cactus Garden boardwalk is a highly Instagrammable trail that passes through thousands upon thousands of cholla Cactus.

  • The best time to photograph Cholla Cactus Garden
  • In the evening glow, the Cholla Cactus Garden looks stunning.

How to get to Cholla Cactus Garden

Cholla Cactus Garden can be found in the middle park. It is quite far from other sights. It can be found on the Pinto Basin road.