7 Best Android Apps to Book Bus Tickets

7 Best Android Apps to Book Bus Tickets Do you frequently buy bus tickets? Do you have a busy schedule and don’t want to shop for tickets in person? You can also install apps for …

7 Best Android Apps to Book Bus Tickets

Do you frequently buy bus tickets? Do you have a busy schedule and don’t want to shop for tickets in person? You can also install apps for your smartphone that will make you more at ease and confident while you are thousands or hundreds of kilometers away from your home. Book Bus Tickets We have compiled only the most helpful and free software. Let’s begin the review.


Rome2Rio’s website and app will help you navigate public transport from one point to another.

This site allows you to plan your route and select tickets for trains and buses as well as flights and ferries. It offers the best transport options for time and money, and even shows photos. You can choose from a double-decker bus with sockets, Wi-Fi or an older bus. The route is plowed to the exact minute.

Rome2rio lists all available routes to get you to your destination. You can also see how much each option costs and which is fastest. The app also allows you to combine different options, making it easy to find the most efficient route.

Type Direct Flights into “where to” and Rome2rio will create your escape plan. You’re lost and your flight leaves in 3 hours. Use the same window to type nearby airports – this will assist you in getting there before check-in closes.

The app provides routes between cities and countries. This is a unique feature. Simply enter the dates and destinations, then select the travel option that suits you best.


You can easily plan your journeys using the Omio App. You can get to your destination quickly and easily with the Omio App.

The Omio app is an innovative companion to any journey. You can view the most up-to-date information about trains and buses, download etickets, and much more.

How to use this application

  • Register;
  • Input the pick-up/drop-off locations for your journey
  • Pick the most appropriate transport time and price

Make your booking.

Tickets can be saved to the app or emailed. It is simple and easy to book tickets. Tickets are now easy to book!

  • It partners with over 800 transport companies that will help you reach your destination.
  • This app allows you to search and book tickets for plane, train, and bus travel.


This is the leading American bus and train booking site in North America and Europe.

Wanderu will be a good choice if you don’t know that flying from Munich, Prague to Prague would cost you 200 Euros and take more than five hours. However, you can travel by bus in just 4.5 hour and pay a ridiculous 20-30 euro.

The app not only helps you find the best routes, but it also provides relevant information for intercity buses, trains, and planes.

Greyhound Lines

Greyhound Lines, a convenient app that allows you to book bus tickets online, replaces surfing the Internet. Your personal ticket kiosk is at your fingertips.

You get this app by downloading it

  • Use the app to find travel ideas;
  • Book your tickets to travel;
  • You will receive an e-ticket directly to your smartphone
  • The app screen allows you to track your bus and make reservations.
  • You can view your routes and locate stations that you are interested in.
  • See all of your upcoming travels.


FlixBus is an Android smart bus application. It’s the official Android app of the same company and is available in Europe, the United States and Asia.

FlixBus stores the information you provide every time you buy tickets. This makes it faster to obtain them.

Because booking fees are not charged, the cost of the journey can be reduced up to -10%. FlixBus employees can simply show them the electronic ticket via the same mobile phone service, so there is no need for you to print it.

This reduces time and conserves natural resources. By doing so, the carrier is not only promoting greener buses but also a more positive attitude towards the environment.

FlixBus sends exclusive vouchers and discounts to only app users. FlixBus also provides instant notification about delays and cancellations of bus lines.

The app allows you to locate your bus and avoid getting lost at a bus station.


RedBus, which is also its own company in India, combines several bus carriers from Southeast Asia into one entity, RedBus.

Because non-virtual operator tickets are twice the price, locals purchase their tickets via apps. Foreign tourists will pay double commission because they are subjected to special taxes in India.

RedBus’ app will assist you in finding your departure point. Simply show your ticket on your smartphone to board a bus. This mobile app’s unique feature, redBusNOW, will allow you to board the bus on the spot if you are not able to wait until the bus leaves.

Overall, redBus makes it easy to buy bus tickets in Colombia. If you’re planning on traveling to these countries and would like to purchase tickets in advance of your trip, redBus can help.

MakeMyTrip Bookings for Travel

  • MakeMyTrip is a great app to help you travel around India without the need to go through tons of transport websites.
  • It is the largest online travel app, offering many services including tickets for airlines, holiday packages and reservations.
  • There are over 10,000,000 users worldwide, who receive exclusive discounts on hotel bookings as well as all other services. Every online booking is eligible for a 45% discount

MakeMyTrip also provides important features such as cheap flight tickets, hundreds, hot deals, international airline, user-friendly interface and quick browsing. Tripadvisor ratings & reviews are available. Last-minute booking is possible.

Similar to other similar apps, it offers a self contained map system that allows users to discover their favorite spots around the globe.

It is faster than others and offers PCI DSS compliant payment services. MakeMyTrip makes it easy to manage your holiday. Give it a go.