The Top Photo Locations on Norway’s Lofoten Islands


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One of the most photographed regions in the world is the Lofoten Islands. These are 12 top photo spots in Norway’s Lofoten islands.

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Norway’s Lofoten Islands offers a variety of photo locations, including hiking up mountains, kayaking in fjords and wandering through colorful fishing towns.

The Lofoten Islands, a lush paradise in summer and a snowy wonderland winter, are some of the most photographed regions in the world. They are also one of the most sought-after destinations for photographers. It’s almost certain that you will return home with amazing shots if you visit the locations listed below.


Reine has everything you imagine when you think about a traditional Norwegian fishing village. It features classic red Rorbuers, snowy peaks and a clear bay. Reine is a great spot to see the Northern Lights from, but it also has great views.

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The landscape is dotted with colorful houses. Breivika beach has a unique dose of turquoise and hiking trails make Vaeroy very accessible. Hike up the trail to Mastadfjellet for one of Vaeroy’s most stunning photography spots.


Hamnoy Island, just outside Reine, is one of Lofoten’s most popular photography spots due to its wild coastline, red fishing huts and jagged mountains. Hamnoy Bridge is the most famous photo spot in Hamnoy. This spot offers a great view of Hamnoy’s coastline and mountains.


Trollfjord, a two-kilometre long branch of the Raftsund Strait that can only be reached by boat, is located between towering mountain peaks over 1000 meters tall. The mouth of Trollfjord lies between Vesteralen and Lofoten archipelagos. It is only 100m wide but eventually will open up to 800 meters. This region is dramatic because of its narrow strait and tall mountains.


Henningsvaer is not only one of Lofoten’s most beloved fishing villages but also has one of the most unique and interestingly placed soccer fields on the planet. For years, the stunning scenery has inspired photographers and artists.

Village of A

The fishing village of A, also known as ‘ohr, is a wonderful spot to capture a variety of red fishing huts and cod-drying racks. It also features postcard worthy mountain scenes. You can capture the charming village from the water by renting a kayak or boat.

Svolvaer Harbor

The boardwalk is lined with multicolored homes, fishing boats are seen bob on the water, and long docks offer unique views of Svolvaer Harbor. The harbor is surrounded with mountains, beaches, bays, and some of the most charming cafes and galleries.


Nusfjord is not only one of Lofoten’s most photographed fishing villages but it is also one the best-preserved. The harbor is surrounded by towering fjords. Red and yellow huts are scattered throughout the landscape.

Ramberg Beach

Ramberg Beach, a beautiful white-sand beach located on Flakstadoya’s island, is surrounded by icy blue waters and red fishing huts. There are also rivers that run across the sand. These rivers freeze in winter, forming crystallized-looking formations of sand.


Fredvang, which stretches out across the icy waters of the Lofoten Islands, is home to two iconic and highly photogenic cantilever bridges. This location is a paradise for photographers thanks to its beautiful bridges and the bustling harbour below.

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Kvalvika Beach

Kvalvika Beach has wild Norwegian beauty with chilly turquoise waters and snowy peaks. It also features unspoiled sand. You’ll get great shots in a wild place like Kvalvika. If the weather is good, you can hike up Ryten Peak, which overlooks Kvalvika Beach, and get a stunning view.

Unstad Beach

Unstad Beach is the perfect place for photographers who love to surf. Unstad Beach is a beautiful beach with perfect waves and surrounded by fjords that reach the sky. You will be amazed at the amazing photos you take from Unstad Beach.

Norway Photo Gear Packing Essentials

  • Camera Bag: My favourite camera bags are the ONA Bowery Camera Bag, and the PacSafe Anti-Theft Camera Bag & Shoulder Bag.
  • Compact Tripod: A compact tripod can be attached to your backpack and used for long exposure shots or selfies.
  • Intervalometer: An intervalometer is essential for taking long-exposure photos and selfies.
  • GoPro Hero 7: For those who are going to be trekking, kayaking or exploring new places without a camera, the GoPro Hero 7 is the best choice.

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  • Camera Protection: Rain sleeves, rain fly backpack, lens pen and microfiber lens cloths.

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