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You are currently viewing details for Jc Food Mart  in San Antonio, TX. We have provided the address, phone number and hours of operation for Jc Food Mart. We recommend that you contact the store before you decide to go to make sure they accept Texas WIC benefits. Their status may change from time-to-time. Here are some tips that will help you shop more efficiently. Keep your receipts safe to prove your purchase and view your WIC balance.

If you want to reduce hassles at the register, bring your Texas WICID to JC Food Mart. If you have an alternate shopper arrangement, ensure that your proxies sign WIC ID before they go to the store. To make it easier for cashiers to identify WIC food, separate WIC foods from other grocery items at checkout.

First, if the cashier displays a negative attitude, you should remain calm and ask questions. If the cashier is unable or unwilling to address the problem, you can ask the manager or the service desk to contact the TX WIC office.

Map of Jc Food Mart 

Below is a map showing the location of Texas WIC, 5271 WALZEM RD San Antonio 78218. This page’s upper right side shows the current hours of the store and the nearest WIC-approved vendors.

These are some tips to help you plan your trip before you go

  • Do not use after the “Not Good Before”, or the “Not Good After”.
  • You can set an alarm for your cell phone one week before “Last day to use” on your checks
  • Get food printed on WIC checks or on the CA WIC approved foods list
  • Inform the clerk that you’re using WIC benefits
  • Show the clerk your WIC ID Card
  • Make sure that the clerk enters the correct price for paper WIC checks
  • Wait for the cashier to write the total before you sign the WIC Check
  • Combination of Whole Grains (bread, rice, and tortillas) possible
  • The same thing can be done with ounces of juice.
  • Save money with coupons, discounts and sales
  • Cash and small bills are handy to help speed up your checkout
  • To keep your meats, milk, cheese, and other items chilled during your trip, use a cooler

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